MercuryDedipass is the only plugin that allows you to charge your players directly in-game through their phones by using Dedipass.

  • /dedipass (Display informations about payment)
  • /dedipass <code> (Send a request to check if code is valid)

Now we need to create a new Services. Select "Unique product" checkbox and click next.

  • Put your server website link on website line.
  • Put a name for dedipass panel.
  • On install URL, put (We don't care about this).
  • If you want you can put a test code to try if your setup work correctly.
  • Choose Redirection (recommanded) and put as redirect URL. (We don't care about this too).
  • Save this configuration.

Go on your Installation page of your service. Check "Validate a transaction" section. And get your public key & private key.
You can find your key's here.

Now, you need to setup some offers to add to your informations message more informations.
  • Go on your service and select it.
  • Go on "modify" dropdown and start working on your offers.
At this point, we recommand you to just make offers by SMS. More easier for your players. So i choose a french SMS for 3€ for the player.
For the example, we just gonna use 1 offer but you can repeat this process for other countries. Now, you can go on your service again, and select "Apparence". Normally, you just have SMS dropdown with a number & Text to send. You can copy this and put it on your configuration like you want on your "INFORMATIONS" messages.

Default configuration exemple.
  • Put your "PUBLICKEY" & "PRIVATEKEY".
  • Set a list of commands to execute when correct code is enter.
  • Put "ANNOUNCE_BUY" to false if you don't want broadcast on a buy.
  • Change "MESSAGES" category.

Congratulations ! You successfully setup MercuryDedipass. Now you can try to make /dedipass <code> with your test code.
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