MercuryBasics is ont of the most powerful basics plugins. He have many features that can make your server better. Delete of tens of plugins guaranteed.
When you buy MercuryBasics, you need to take your licence on discord. After, you just need to configure it !


  • BottleXP with 2 modes (VANILLA which give vanilla bottle, or CHEAT which give 1 bottle of X XP)
  • ChatManager
  • ClearLag
  • Command Disabler
  • Social Commands
  • NightVision command
  • Ping Command
  • KS System
  • SetSlots command
  • Block Limiter (per chunk)
  • Craft Limiter
  • Enchantment Limiter
  • Entity Limiter
  • AntiOP System
  • AntiGamemode System
  • Placeholders
  • AutoMessages
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